The Road to 2016: Hillary Clinton's New Memoir?

Hill fans, rejoice! Hillary Clinton has confirmed plans to write another memoir — but could it lead to 2016 presidential campaign?

Hillary 2016
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Hill fans, rejoice! Within a week of leaving office as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has confirmed plans to write another memoir. In a global town hall today, she admitted the contents of the memoir are still unknown; her first priority, she said earlier, is to catch up on "about 20 years' worth of sleep deprivation." After eight years as FLOTUS, eight years as a New York Senator, one presidential campaign, and four years as Secretary of State, we think that nap-time is certainly well-deserved!

Clinton's first memoir, Living History, was published in 2003 and detailed her young life in middle-class suburbia as well as her role as First Lady. According to a CNN report, President Obama gave Clinton a subtle endorsement in the case of a 2016 presidential campaign during their joint "60 Minutes" interview on Sunday. While Clinton has previously denied that she is running for president again, tables turned two days ago when she avoided the question altogether. By not saying anything, critics argue, Clinton stated a 2016 campaign wasn't yet out of the question.

It will be at least 18 months to two years before she will have to make a concrete decision regarding a presidential campaign, so for now, we're just looking forward to that second memoir — and a well-rested Clinton, too.

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