Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush Are Trading Really Labor-Intensive Burns on Twitter

"Fixed it for you."

In the war against Meek Mill, Drake deployed the deadliest weapon known to famous-person-kind: a PowerPoint presentation like the ones they do for wedding receptions but with savage memes instead of baby photos.

Or Whataburger's social media manager. That works too.

Probably because Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush are still working on their own diss tracks, they have gone with the designed graphic, a lower-budget—though no less labor-intensive—alternative to playing a photo slideshow of fan-made images while you rap aggressively.

First, Chillary promoted her college affordability plan.

Then Jeb jumped in, arguing that the Obama administration, which Chillary was once a part of, hasn't done much to ease student debt.



Another one just came out, so now, we wait. *shovels popcorn in general direction of face* 

Chelsea Peng
Assistant Editor

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