Did Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga Almost Kiss at the Oscars?


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Tonight's Academy Awards have been a rollercoaster ride, but the moment everyone was waiting for was Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper recreating that moment from A Star Is Born when Gaga's character, Ally, joins Bradley Cooper's Jackson Maine on stage to sing "Shallow." It was dramatic—the Oscars knew the moment needed no introduction, so they didn't give it one—and Gaga and Cooper must be really aware that the internet would love for them to be dating, because man. The tension.

The performance ended with Coops and Gagz sitting side-by-side on the piano bench Gaga was performing on, and there's only one word for what they were doing.

Nuzzling. They were nuzzling, y'all. NUZZLING.

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They were so close, it looked like they were about to kiss. Right up there on the Oscars stage, Stefani "Lady Gaga" Germanotta and Bradley "Managed Not to Pee Himself on Stage" Cooper almost smooched. A million fan-fictions will be written about this very moment, and I will write 150 of them, at least.

How close did they come to kissing, you ask?

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Close enough to make your mom blush. Close enough that '90s boy band Next wrote a song about it. Honestly, they were very close considering that Bradley Cooper's girlfriend was sitting right in front of them. The chutzpah.

And then Gaga got an Oscar, but not for "most sexual tension on the Oscars stage."

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