Sofia Richie Grainge's Latest Maternity Look Combines Cozy, Rainy Day Layers and Hermès Accessories

She has the richest take on maternity style.

Sofia Richie Grainge wearing a leather trimmed cape, ribbed kit pants, and a burgundy handbag
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From Rihanna to Suki Waterhouse, celebrities have proven that maternity wear doesn't mean sacrificing personal style. Ever since she announced her pregnancy in January, Sofia Richie Grainge has followed suit. So far, the queen of quiet luxury has walked the 2024 Grammy Awards red carpet wearing an elegant sheer black gown by Saint Laurent and has worn overalls with a cashmere sweater for a laid back, off-duty moment.

Her recent looks—on and off the red carpet—have proven that Grainge plans to stay true to her style identity through the midst of her pregnancy. The mogul's latest off-duty moment is comfort-focused yet cool, a hallmark of her personal style.

Sofia Richie Grainge wearing a tan poncho with loose fitting pants and a burgundy handbag

Sofia Richie Grainge took a rainy day to show off a cozier take on her maternity style.

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While out to lunch on a rainy day in West Hollywood, Grainge braved the elements in a neutral-toned cape with brown leather trimming from Loro Piana. She paired the sumptuous outerwear piece with an oatmeal-colored sweater and ribbed knit pants. With the rain in mind, Grainge finished her outfit with waterproof rubber boots.

Given her love of all things luxury, it only made sense that Grainge accessorized her rainy day look with a designer handbag. Her choice for the day was the Hermès Kelly 25 Sellier in a deep burgundy shade, making for the perfect pop of color for her neutral-toned outfit.

Sofia Richie Grainge wearing a leather-trimmed neutral-toned cape, ribbed knit pants, and rubber boots out on a rainy day

Richie Grainge bundled up in a cashmere cape, and accessorized with an Hermès bag.

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You don't have to be expecting to replicate Grainge's casual outfit. In fact, her look is an important lesson in how a simple outerwear piece and a bit of styling can take an unassuming knit set to the next level. If you're looking to capture Grainge's rainy-day look, start with a ribbed knit set and pair it with an understated jacket, cape, or shawl. Incorporate a pop of color with a leather handbag, and Grainge's "rich mom" look is yours.

Melony Forcier
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