Jewelry Shopping in Washington D.C.

With everyone in Washington up in arms over the economic situation we

find ourselves in, how about doing your duty as a good citizen by

single-handedly trying to revive the economy? How to do it? How about

traveling to our nation's capital, and dropping some serious coinage on

the city's fabulous jewelry emporiums. First stop: Beadazzled for some

folk inspired designs. You could also indulge in your creative side and

make your own-pick up some tiny seed beads, strands of glass beads, or

unique loose beads in a rainbow of colors, plus the appropriate tools,

wires, and clasps. Creative, but not really a DIY kind of girl? Head

on over to Friendship Jewelers, where

proprietor Joel Ellenbogen specializes in collaborating with his

customers to fashion the pieces they'll covet forever. The small, but

inpired selection includes watches, fashion jewelry and diamonds at

fair pricess. The styles are classic and timeless, just what you want

when investing in a long-lasting piece. Downtown, I. Gorman offers

elegantly architectural pieces that are both edgy and eye-catching.

Here, floating circular cases evoke the stunning, meticulously crafted

rings; marble-like walls, seemingly lit from within, have the same

complex textures as colorful sculpted bracelets; and plank-like tables

recall modern necklaces studded with gemstones. It is hard to decide

what is more stunning, the diamonds or the décor. When in D.C. indulge

in the patriotic spirit. Famed jeweler Ann Hand is known

for her take on expressing national pride and political opinion. Why

slap a bumper sticker on your car when you could pin sparkly

rhinestones or pearls on your trench? Pick up a gold and pearl eagle

broach or wear your favorite politician's name in rhinestones! If you

are looking for an item that is a bit more serious, and makes a more

sophisticated statement, stop by Mia Gemma

( As the

name implies, the homey shop is devoted primarily to classic, grown-up

pieces where the stones (both semi-precious and precious) are the

standouts. The store carries a few of each item, but some of the more

expensive pieces are one-of-a-kind, so grab what you like when you see

it because there might not be another one to go around.

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