I’m In Desperate Need of a Luggage Upgrade—10 Sets I’m Shopping From Paravel’s Annual Sale

Luxurious luggage to suit any of your travel needs at 25 percent off.

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Now that spring is on the horizon, I've got vacations on my mind. The next couple of months are busier than ever with birthday parties, bachelorettes, a European cruise, and a few weekend trips here and there. While I'm already all set with vacation-ready fashion, I'm a bit more unprepared when it comes to what's most important (and often overlooked) during traveling: luggage. I've had the same carry-on luggage since my high school senior trip—and don't even get me started on the decades-old hand-me-down I'm forced to use as a check-in bag. With so much traveling on my docket this year, it's high time for an upgrade and luckily Peravel is coming through with a sale.

Just in time for upcoming summer travels, Peravel is throwing their annual Annual Get Set, And Go Sale Event with 25 percent off travel sets from now through February 20. Since I'm perusing the sale for myself, I took the liberty of rounding up the best sets that will suit any of your luggage needs. Whether you need a trusted weekender bag for a quick trip or a tote bag for the beach, Peravel's sale is not one to miss.

In case you aren't familiar, Peravel is a luggage brand that has sustainability at the forefront of its ethos. Every one of their products uses recycled materials, and they have even designed the world's first carbon-neutral suitcase, according to the brand. With their efforts in sustainability, luxurious designs, and great functionality, it's easy to love this brand. Keep scrolling to shop a few of the best products included in the sale.

Shop The Best Luggage from Peravel's Sale

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