Laura Cohen

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Quiz Alert: The Best Taylor Swift Song for Your Life
There's one for each and every one of us.
The Orange is the New Black BFF Quiz
No one understands friendship like the ladies of Litchfield.
The Best One Direction Quiz Ever
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Our Favorite Celebrity Sisters Quiz
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Katy Perry Will Have Her Pizza and Wear It Too
You are what you eat.
Celebrating Style: The History of Fashion Week
The evolution of one legendary event.
20 Celeb Looks We Loved This Week
From L.A. to New York to London, these stars beat the heat with their cool style.
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The Complete Retrospective of Beyoncé and Jay Z's Relationship
We're looking back on the better days.
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You Won't Believe These Complaint Letters About Miley Cyrus' TV Special
"Very graphic and disturbing for a Sunday evening."
Miley Cyrus Got a Strange New Tattoo
Love yer brain.
The Millennial's New Marriage Concept
It's not grandma's world anymore.
10 Reasons Why It's Okay to Be Over 18 and Love One Direction
Leave your shame at the door.
10 Easy Ways You Can Be More Productive at Work
And they're all at your desk.
Zoe Saldana Isn't Going to Bash Britney Spears
She's a true friend.
20 Celeb Looks We Loved This Week
These stars still manage to look cool in the hottest weather.
8 Amazing Teas You Didn't Know You Could Get at Starbucks
These secrets were meant for sharing.
These States Are Buying the Most Coffee, Fast Food, and Alcohol
Some call them "vices," we call them necessities.
Lady Gaga is Hitting the Big Screen
This is one star-studded cast.