Pop Culture's Most Badass Heroines

The Hunger Games is here! To celebrate, we picked out our favorite females from TV, the movies and more who are not to be messed with if you know what’s good for you.


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    Jessica Fletcher

    Not be outdone by all the youngsters on this list, Angela Lansbury fills the Old People Who Solve Crimes slot on the hit '80 series, Murder She Wrote. Living in a seemingly quaint seaside town — the surprisingly murder-happy hamlet of Cabot Cove, Maine — provided ample material for the retired teacher-turned-author's popular murder-mystery novels. A curious widow who usually cracked open a case long before local law officials, she regularly confronted the suspects on her own — but still made it home to freeze-frame laugh at the end of each episode.
    Secret weapons: Typewriter, early bird specials, crossover eps with Magnum PI
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