MC Cheatsheet: Evan Rachel Wood Stars in Trailer for a ... Commercial

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Jihan: "Gucci's new fragrance ad (starring Evan Rachel Wood) will debut during the MTV Video Music Awards. But for those who simply can't wait, they've actually put out a trailer for it." [Gawker TV]

Jessica: "Marcel the Shell? I'm going to go with adorably twee." [PopWatch]

Anna: "Is there a parenting book or something I can use to make sure my future kid turns out like this one?! BabyrecitingpoetryOMGmyovaries." [Jezebel]

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Elana: "It's hard to decide which is better — actually WATCHING The Rachel Zoe Project or reading The Cut's weekly recaps of each episode. This week, Zoe & Co. had to deal with gut-wrenching disaster. No, not the Haiti earthquake itself, but styling Naomi Campbell's Fashion for Relief runway show to benefit its victims. In Rachel's words, 'Shut. The. Front. Door.'" [The Cut]

Sophia: "Little monsters, beware. Lady Gaga's latest fashion statement could lead to eye infections and blindness! Gross." [Lemondrop]

Kate: "I'm all for having a field day of colors on your fingernails, but lips? I'm just not ready to bust out the Smurf-blue lipstick la Ke$ha." [StyleList]

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