Mission Impossible: Summer Hats That Don't Look Completely Stupid

Well, depends on how you feel about Kangol.

Anyone who's ever gone "Psh, I don't need a hat" probably rues the day they ever said that, especially after they get home and their parts start peeling. (Then they say "It's not dandruff!") But fear of looking granny-ish should never keep one from taking proper precaution against the sun—here, 12 chapeaux you won't be embarrassed to smush into your suitcase.

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Badass flames, pure message.

Collina Strada, $45, needsupply.com.


Fling it at your crush because then he or she kind of *has* to accept this rose then, you know? 

CRSHR, $28, bando.com.

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Leave it to Rihanna to come up with a (satin!) bandana-backed ball cap. 

Fenty x Puma, $100, urbanoutfitters.com.


It's like begging your friends to call you "Piñata Head," but I don't even care. 

Frances Valentine, $48, francesvalentine.com.

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Liam Gallagher is playing festivals, so it is officially the '90s again. And this is millennial pink. 

Kangol, $60, kangolstore.com.


So is this—so much so that it's like wearing a macaron on your head.

Lack of Color, $59, lackofcolor.com.au.

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Tilt it over your eyes, sip from your pineapple, and you're golden. 

Mango, $26, shop.mango.com.


Pompom cascade x peppermint-candy swirl x worth having to make this thing your "personal item."

Nannacay for J.Crew, $120, jcrew.com.

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Wear this on a romantic boat ride. Then tip it over. 

ASOS, $26, asos.com.


When you would *personally* never snap your fingers at the waitstaff, but your hat says "I'm hangry, garçon." 

The 8mm, $21, openingceremony.com.

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