Bridget Burns

Photos: Students Across the Country Stage Powerful School Walkouts to End Gun Violence
On the one-month anniversary of the Parkland shooting, students and teachers have taken to the streets to demand stricter gun laws whil…
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15 '80s Halloween Costumes a Bit More Creative Than "Aerobics Instructor"

Dress-up ideas from a weird period in pop culture—even if you weren't alive for it.

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All the Best Looks from the Venice Film Festival

Plane and premiere outfits—in one place.

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Jennifer Lawrence's Best Style Moments Ever

Like trying to pick a favorite child/pizza topping.

105 Celebrities Looking Chic at the Airport—in Clothes You'd Actually Want to Wear

Because that whole pencil-skirt-and-heels shtick is a *liiiiiittle* unrealistic.

30 Super Dressed-Down Celebrity Looks in Unabashed Celebration of Being Lazy

For when you need to run out for a minute to get supplies for not leaving bed again.

The Khloé Kardashian Hair Lookbook: Her 20 Best Styles Ever

The truth—that she might have the best hair in the family—is out there.

35 Adorable Photos of Celebrity Sisters Being Sisters

No one gets on your nerves more, but no one understands you better.

12 Cute Fall Outfits *Made* for Looking Great in Foliage

Slash dusted with apple-cider-doughnut sugar.

The 50 Most Romantic Paris Spots You've Never Seen Before

Just when you thought it couldn't possibly get any better.

13 Celebrities on Protecting Their Privacy

"For me, I can handle it," said Kim Kardashian in an interview taped before she was robbed.

50 Pics of Celebrities Enjoying the Great Outdoors

You: "Nature, ew." Them: [rolls around in the grass].

The 50 Most Controversial Outfits of All Time

Because no one can wear a dress made entirely of meat and get away with it.

The 50 Most Fascinating Rumors About Marilyn Monroe

All the attempts to fill in the gaps of the legend's life.