Olivia Culpo Just Showed Us The Trick Behind Her Insanely Glowy Skin

I'll have what she's having, please.

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It's a new day, and yet another celebrity has introduced us to a skin-perfecting treatment that we really, really want. First came Kim Kardashian's vampire facial, then Cate Blanchett's penis facial (yup), and now, we can add Olivia Culpo to our wish list after she showed us a peak into her recent laser treatment.

In her Instagram story today, Culpo shared videos of herself recieving the Coolaser skin treatment from the Beverly Hills-based cosmetic dermatologist Simon Ourian M.D., saying:

"Basically, the reason why I want to do Coolaser is because I've heard it's perfect for getting rid of all pores," Culpo said in the video. Dr. Ourian added that the treatment helps to get rid of discoloration and sun damage, making your skin look more "glowy." Yes, that was his exact word for it, and yes, that's the exact thing I want for my face.

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Dr. Ourian starts by cooling the treatment area (Culpo's face) with a "special device" that emits a series of light pulses across the surface of the skin to "stimulate cell repair and collagen growth," according to Epione's website. It sounds mumbo jumbo-y, but light treatments really do work, as they trick your skin into thinking it's been damaged, so it speeds up collagen production (which, in turn, gives you smoother, softer, younger-looking skin).

But if you, like I, have neither the time nor the money to spend on this treatment (it costs at least a few thousand dollars, depending on where you go), you can recreate the effect at home with wrinkle-reducing derma rollerspeptides, and retinol to stimulate new collagen production on your own.

Either way, we're all getting ourselves some glowy skin.


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