We Discovered The Best Hair Colorists in Los Angeles

Strawberry copper here we come.

woman getting her hair colored blonde with foil at los angeles salon
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With celebrities transforming their hair faster than the seasons change, it's no surprise that some of the best colorists have found a home in Los Angeles. Hair pros like Tracy Cunningham and Nikki Lee are responsible for shaping some of the biggest 2024 hair trends, executing gorgeous colors on Jennifer Lopez, Khloe Kardashian, and Camilla Cabello.

"Hair color in Los Angeles are ahead of the trends compared to any city," shares colorist Jacob Sirianno. "LA It-girls are looking for attention to detail with effortlessly placed highlights and lowlights, all while maintaining the biggest goal: hair health."

If you've ever seen an Instagram post, red carpet photo, or girl on Rodeo Drive with a great dye job and wanted to ask them where exactly they got it? Marie Claire editors and the coolest Angelenos have compiled a list of the best of the best bleachers, balayage-rs, and fashion color mavens in the City of Angels. Keep reading to discover the best hair colorists in Los Angeles.

The Best Hair Colorist in Los Angeles

Daniel Moon, Hair Los Angeles

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At the beginning of the year, Kylie Jenner genuinely broke the internet when she dyed her hair bright pink—a callback to the early 2010s when she would rock colorful shades under the Snapchat name King Kylie. Do you know who made that original vision come to life almost a decade ago? This guy. Daniel Moon started his lofted salon, Hair Los Angeles, out of a "desire to grow his practice as an autonomous color artist." The expert in maintaining hair health whether you're going from bold, bright colors to natural highlights or vice versa, Moon is a fine artist, his canvas your head and his palette cosmical. A simple scroll through his Instagram offers a true rainbow of inspiration. His shade rolodex is unmatched, with callouts from every movie and TV show ever made, allowing you to find your ideal muse.

Address: 1427 East 4th St. Unit 3, Los Angeles, CA

Email dm@hair.vision to book.

Jessica Gonzalez, Benjamin Salon

A woman with long red hair looking off to the side.

Jessica Gonzalez works with stars like Billie Eilish.

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"My girl Jess is the coolest," says very-cool-girl and Dieux skin co-founder Marta Mae Freedman. "She colors my hair and a lot of my friends'." An established colorist at the Salon Benjamin in West Hollywood, Jessica Gonzalez once told pro-hair brand Iles that she finds inspiration in the way virgin hair gets sun-bleached, like when you "see kids with really nice long hair and it is perfectly ombre or highlighted." If that doesn't sell you, she's also responsible for the brunette shade that made Billie Eilish feel like herself again.

Address: 148 N Wetherly Dr., West Hollywood, CA

Call 424-249-3296 or email westhollywood@benjaminsalon.com to book.

Kiyah Wright, Muze Hair

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Two-time Emmy Award-winning hair artist Kiyah Wright is the CEO of Muze Hair, a line of wigs, extensions, clip-ins, and products to help you consistently "manage, maintain, and style your hair" to perfection. She's also brilliant behind the chair while working on colors on an actual human head—see Jennifer Hudson, Halle Berry, Ciara, Gabrielle Union, and our Beauty Director, Deena Campbell as examples. "When Kiyah touches your hair, expect a full color transformation," says Campbell.

Address: By appointment.

Call 323-559-7176 or email getmuzed@muzehair.com to book.

Nikki Lee, Nine Zero One Salon

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I cover hair transformations for work quite regularly and often find that it is Nikki Lee behind the chair when something major goes down. (See Camila Cabello's platinum blonde turn or Selena Gomez's recent soft brunette shade, for example.) Alongside her equally talented co-founder, Riawna Capri, Lee works out of Nine Zero One Salon in West Hollywood, where regular visitors include the likes of Sophia Bush and Hilary Duff. "We believe people go to salons to look a certain way. People go to Nine Zero One to feel a certain way," share the stylists on their website.

Address: 901 Westbourne Dr, West Hollywood, CA

Email frontdesk@901salon.com to request an appointment.

Matt Rez

A model, Hailey Bieber, from the chest up with short, dark hair.

Matt Rez is responsible for the hair color of Dua Lipa, Hailey Bieber, and Florence Pugh.

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A consistent go-to for all of our color questions, Matt Rez counts A-listers like Dua Lipa, Hailey Bieber, and Florence Pugh among his clientele. His trademark technique? Midlights, a process that connects your highlight color and base hair color with a smattering of strands in an in-between shade. “I have clients coming in every three to four months,” the artist previously told hair.com. “They can go longer in between because it creates such a seamless connection from the root to end."

Address: By appointment.

Text 424-245-9702 to book.

Tracey Cunningham, MèCHE Salon

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J.Lo's highlights, Carey Mulligan's chantilly blonde bob, Lana Del Rey's warm brunette waves, Emma Stone's cowboy copper strands...do I need to go on? Widely known as one of Hollywood's most influential and sought-after colorists, Seattle native Tracey Cunningham's talents lie in creating gorgeous and sophisticated shades for her who's who list of clients.

Address: 8820 Burton Way, Beverly Hills, CA

Book an appointment online.

Cassondra Kaeding, Crâne Salon

A woman with a full head of blonde curls.

Achieving California blonde requires the work of an expert colorist.

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The artist behind Renée Rapp's brilliant blonde hue, Cassondra Kaeding is co-owner of Crâne Salon in Los Angeles and an ambassador for one of our favorite damage-protecting haircare brands, K18. Having earned her cosmetology license specializing in color at Paul Mitchell, she's now someone other budding cosmetologists look to when joining the field. Other clients include Natalie Portman, Kylie Jenner, Rooney Mara, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Olivia Munn, and Kendall Jenner.

Address: 134 S. Robertson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA

Book an appointment online.

Adrian Arredondo

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Incredibly chic photographer and creative director Brittani Lepley is all about Adrian Arredondo, the icon who "made Sia's wigs, shaved Rose McGowan’s head, and does Caroline Vreeland's highlights." With his approach to hair and beauty heavily influenced by the '70s performance art age and a personal connection to the surrealism movement, you can bet your new look will be the look. "I haven’t loved my hair since him," Lepley adds. "He is iconic."

Address: By appointment.

Email adrianarredondohair@gmail.com or call 213-246-6894 to book.

Sarah Conner, Mare Salon

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While there are so many talented colorists at Mara Rozsak's Mare Salon, there's something special about Sarah Conner. That's what her coworkers say, anyway. As much a specialist in extensions as she is in color, Conner can take you from bland to absolutely vivacious with a new shade, length, and volume all in one. "I have been a client for over five years and her attention to detail is impeccable," reads a recommendation from her LinkedIn. "From brown to blonde, long to short (and currently ombre blue), Sarah has always helped me achieve results, always keeping the health of my hair in mind."

Address: 152 N. Wetherly Dr., West Hollywood, CA

Call 424-274-3479 during Mare business hours to book.

Jacob Sirianno, Bomane Salon

A woman with long curly dark hair.

Deep brunette tones are a gorgeous color option, regardless of the season.

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While crowdsourcing colorists, my inbox was immediately full of people singing Jacob Sirianno's praises. Having originally developed a passion for hair while working at Eva Scrivo Salon in New York City, you can now find the French balayage master in West Hollywood, where he loves to recreate the effortless colors that only come from a summer in the sun. An expert at keeping things glossy yet natural-looking, the artist is often hopping from LA to New York—if you can't catch him on one coast, you might be able to find him on another.

Address: 8668 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA

Call 424-777-0638 to book.

Bianca Hillier, Andy LeCompte Salon

A woman with a white tank top and freshly-dyed balayage blonde hair.

A blonde balayage makes for easy grow out.

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"Bianca Hillier is an absolute pro!!! She is officially the only one I trust with coloring my hair," shares California girl, model, and Olympic swimmer Anicka Delgado, who I can only imagine needs a little TLC for her gorgeous dark locks after spending so much time in chlorinated pools. "She’s experienced working with all hair types and knows what I need. I love her and the salon." A multidisciplinary colorist, Hillier enrolled in cosmetology school at the child-genius age of 17 and is best known these days for her customized, beachy balayages.

Address: 616 N. Almont Dr., West Hollywood, CA

Book online at andylecomptesalon.com or call 310-273-4100.

Leticia Llesmin, Dusted Beauty

A woman with long, dark hair wearing a black bow on top of her head.

A hint of red in brunette hair is an easy way to add dimension.

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Working out of her by-appointment-only studio, Dusted Beauty, Leticia Llesmin is the person fashion stylist Lindsey Hartman trusts for her own colorful locks. Also a star at cutting and makeup, Llesmin colors her clients with fadeout in mind, allowing for a whole host of pretty hues as wash days arrive and the initial tone fades.

Address: 2348 Forney St., Los Angeles, CA

Appointments can be made online.

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