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#BigLipstickEnergy: The 3 Lip Products I'm Obsessed With Right Now

"What lip is that?" A professional lipstick critic reveals all.

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I'm a serial lipstick dater. So many lip products slide onto my desk. Some I double-tap and have all the heart eyes for. Others I ghost and leave on seen. This is #BigLipstickEnergy, an honest breakdown of how I feel about the latest lip launches. Read on for the three lipstick flings I'm keeping in rotation for now. Next week, I'll have a new roster.

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This Non-Invasive Lip Filler
The Lip Volumizer
La Mer nordstrom.com


Before you consider cancelling me for recommending a pretty penny of a purchase, hear me out: This lip plumping gloss is an investment that will make you a happier person. (When you look good, you feel good.) Made with La Mer's signature Miracle Broth™, this translucent sheen plumps your lips like no other. The volumizing effect blurs the look of sunken fine lines. And no, it doesn't sting or burn like some other formulas out there. 


I have naturally full lips, but that doesn't mean I'll pass up a chance to look even *fuller*. Still, I'm extra careful with lip plumpers because I've had some not-so-enjoyable experiences with irritating formulas in the past. This gem, on the other hand, has a rather soothing sensation once applied. In seconds, my lips feel hydrated, and look perfectly pouty and ready to selfie. When I want a lustrously glossy look, I wear the pale pink sheen alone. When I want an extra full look, I prime my lips with this before applying a bright color on top.   

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This Frosty Neutral for Dark Skin Tones
Brand Nude Matte Lipstick
Mented Cosmetics mentedcosmetics.com


The year 2020 is in six months, yet it's still near-impossible for beauty brands to make the perfect nude lipstick. For so long, it's been a struggle for women with darker skin tones to find a nude (which news flash is not one shade fits all) that doesn't look ashy. But, behold: this winner made by Mented Cosmetics, a company dedicated to redefining the negative stigma around "nude" for women of color. This organically formulated nude will dispense a creamy matte color onto your lips that a) won't dry you out within an hour and b) suits an array of deep complexions. 


Quite frankly, I was completely over "nude" lipsticks until I was introduced to Mented Cosmetics. Trying on neutral-colored lipsticks doesn't feel like a disappointment anymore, thanks to this thoughtful blend of brown and pink tones that's not beige, but rather a frosty taupe that'll enhance several shades of brown. When I don't feel like even thinking about my lip color—which has been quite often lately—I apply this. For a '90s-inspired ombré effect, I like lining the perimeter of my lips with mented cosmetics liner in foxy ($12) and filling in the center with this color. 

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This Long-Lasting Lip Color
Radiant Liquid Rouge Matte Liquid Lipstick in Evening Flame
Clé de Peau nordstrom.com


I'm not even going to front and act like I'm not boujee when it comes to red lipsticks. But exceeding my expectations with its whipped formula is this latest launch of colorful mattes from Clé de Peau, inspired by traditional Japanese kimonos. What's unique about this matte is that it's made of pure chromatic powder (the luxury!) to ensure an ultra-smooth and comfortable finish that does not smudge or feather throughout the day. 


I usually have to apply two to three coats of deep red shades to get the non-streaky, richly opaque look I love. But this bold little number delivers a rich red finish in one glide. You know those rare lip colors that liven up your look all on their own? That's this. Seriously, with this on all you need is mascara (or a bare-face if you're that bold) and you'll be ready for a night out. It's also helpful to know that this shade has lasted me through three consecutive cups of coffee. I stan. 


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