Is It Possible to Whiten Veneers?

I spent a fortune on porcelain veneers several months ago, and they are already turning yellow. I have avoided coffee, red wine, tea and cola, and I brush my teeth after every meal...but to no avail. My dentist says there is no way to whiten veneers ‑- is this true? Am I sentenced to permanently yellow teeth? Help!

Veneers will lose some of their luster over time, just as natural teeth do, says Jonathan Levine, a celebrity cosmetic dentist in New York City. But that should not happen for another eight to 10 years! The beauty of veneers is that they do resist staining far longer than natural teeth, says Dr. Levine. Therefore your problem may lie with the finish on your veneers ‑- and your dentist may be the one to blame. Have him reevaluate the "glaze" (finish) on the porcelain, and, if necessary, get a second opinion.

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