Video: How To Hide Blemishes

Hide blemishes so effectively that no one will know you ever had them.

Hide blemishes so effectively that no one will know you ever had them. Beauty expert Cheryl Kramer shares how to get the look:

1. Moisture thoroughly. Make sure you moisturize your skin thoroughly before applying any concealer or foundation. Concealer is a lot thicker than foundation. If you apply it to dry skin, you'll get a cakey look.

2. Apply foundation primer.

3. Apply foundation. This may seem counterintuitive, but you'll ensure better coverage if you apply your foundation before your concealer. By using a foundation primer first, you won't need to use as much concealer and you'll get a much lighter look.

4. Choose concealer color. When choosing a color for your skin tone, foundation should match perfectly. Concealer should be a tad lighter than the shade of your foundation. Make sure you choose that color carefully.

5. Apply with brush, then use finger. First, apply the concealer with a synthetic concealer brush. Start on the outside at the red part and work in. Apply with your finger and tap gently until it blends into your skin. Use your ring finger because it's the weakest digit and, therefore, the most gentle.

6. Use angled brush for small areas. If you're applying concealer to a small area, an angled brush can do the trick. Apply a very small amount. You can always add more if you need to.

7. Set with translucent powder. Take a large fluffy brush dusted with translucent powder. Tap off the excess powder so you don't get a cakey mess. Lightly wisp over your face to set the makeup.

Check out Marie Claire's how-to video for visual instructions and details about how to choose the right concealer!

Get the Look: Camouflage Blemishes

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