I Can't Stop Using This Crazy Eye Massager—and My Dark Circles Have Never Looked Better

Under-eyes need deep-tissue love, too.

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I have this theory that if women, nay, all mere mortals could eliminate one single sign of being human, it would be under-eye bags. While, yes, whether it's genetics or by nature of one's lifestyle, some have it worse than others, dark circles are universally experienced and bemoaned. So when I learned of technology's answer to the ol' chilled-cucumber-slices technique, a cutting-edge pro eye massager, I needed it in my Amazon Prime cart like yesterday.

Foreo's Iris Massager, made of medical-grade silicone and reminiscent of Po from the Teletubbies' antenna, is modeled after the Asian finger-tapping eye massage, which frees up fluid and improves circulation to de-puff the under-eye area.

Fresh off a work trip in a completely different time zone, I began putting the Iris to the test at the perfect time. While my entire face was awash in jet lag, my swollen and purple-tinged under-eyes were the real giveaway. Typically, I'd tap on eye cream and concealer and call it a day. But wielding the Iris, I paid special attention to the precious, raw eye area.

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The Iris has two different modes: Pure Mode, which replicates a classic manual massage by carefully kneading; and Spa Mode, which concentrates on tapping pulsations. Before massaging, I applied dots of Natura Bissé's Diamond Extreme Eye Cream along the orbital bone so it could function as a lubricant/eventually absorb deeper into the skin as a result of the stimulation from the pulsations. Then I turned on the eye massager and glided it along each under-eye area for 30 seconds, with the first 15 seconds on Pure Mode and the latter on Spa Mode.

One concern I had prior to the treatment is that the T-sonic technology would be too much stimulation for my fragile and sensitive eye area. But I was relieved to find zero irritation from its kid-gloves-like touch, as well as visibly less puffy/shadowy under-eye bags. Overall, I was impressed and felt more alive inside-out, continuing to use it every other morning before I applied makeup for the next week.

Real talk: I haven't stopped living and dying by my Nars' Radiant Creamy Concealer. As is par for the course of having a nearly-translucent complexion, my dark circles will always be a cross to bear. However, I feel 50% less self-conscious/daunted having the Iris sinkside. At $140, it's an investment, but if dark circles are the bane of your existence and you'll stick to using it a few times a week, it's worth it—especially for anti-aging in the long run.

Foreo Iris Eye Massager, $139; amazon.com.

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