14 Celebs Who Have *Majorly* Pared Down Their Beauty Routines

Nice to see actual skin under there!

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Sky-high lashes, ever-changing hair hues, contouring—in the world of celebrities, it can sometimes feel impossible to keep up with their latest beauty routines. But for some stars, it was time for a refresh. These stars have shed layers (upon layers) and put down their brushes in favor of more natural appearances, proving that sometimes less is definitely more.

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Lady Gaga

With a "colorful" history, no one's ever accused the pop diva of being understated. But she ditched the drama and became just that with her gorgeous Old Hollywood look at the 2015 Emmys.

<p>Overly tanned, braids, all-of-the-makeup. Christina (or should we say, Xtina) went all out back in the day. Currently, she's rocking a decidedly more neutral look that's totally <em>stripped...</em>for now.</p>
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Christina Aguilera

Overly tanned, braids, all-of-the-makeup. Christina (or should we say, Xtina) went all out back in the day. Currently, she's rocking a decidedly more neutral look that's totally stripped...for now.

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Nicki Minaj

When Nicki Minaj stepped onto the scene, it was all about the wigs and theatrical makeup. Recently, she's swapped a fake, almost Barbie-like look for a ladylike, elegant style.

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Kim Kardashian

Ok, hear us out. Yes, she's still a lover of a full look—she *is* the Queen of Contouring, after all—but over the years her look has become much more sophisticated. Think neutrals and definition vs bright and bold.

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Jennifer Lopez

She's famously worn everything from mink eyelashes to a sky-high 'do to pretty much any shade of shadow. Now, she's made a nude lip her go-to, letting her lush lashes keep the attention (somewhat) at eye-level.

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Kelly Osbourne

Her experimental teen days were fully documented on MTV's reality show about her family. Lately, she's been holding steady with a gorgeously unique shade of lavender-grey and a glam look that we're loving.

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Leighton Meester

During the height of Gossip Girl (xoxo), Meester was not one for *subtle* makeup. But now the actress keeps it super casual and natural.

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She's had micro braids, big curls, bangs and updos—not to mention an affinity for colored shadows. Now an icon, Bey has completely transformed her look.

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The good girl gone bad had a slew of notice-me haircuts and statement-making eyes before settling on a nude lip, pretty shadows, and black locks for her signature look.

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Gwen Stefani

The singer was just a girl who rocked skunky streaks, super pale skin, barely-there brows and rhinestones on her face. Now, Stefani has traded in her streaks for sleek locks and a polished look. (Though always with a hint of edge—she is still *Gwen Stefani*, after all.)

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Megan Fox

Let's just say that years ago, the bombshell looked like she'd never met a tanning salon she didn't like. Her current appearance: totally grownup and ultra feminine.

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Nicole Richie

Remember The Simple Life? The jewelry designer and mom of two traded in her over-the-top style—think blue eye shadow, too thin brows, and super intense extensions—for a much, well, simpler appearance.

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Demi Lovato

Then-Demi: crazy hair and wayyyy too much makeup. Now-Demi: perfectly bronzed pop goddess.

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Britney Spears

It's Britney (with less makeup), Bitch. The pop princess has successfully traded in heavy blush, dark shadow, and a pink lip for an updated look. The outcome? She looks hotter than ever.

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