Selena Gomez Just Shared Her Entire Morning Skincare Routine on TikTok

The most giving girlie.

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Selena Gomez is always being real AF with her followers, like that time she shared those stunning makeup-free selfies, and the time she made a TikTok about not tucking her stomach in.

Knowing that, it's not exactly surprising that she would decide to share her entire morning skincare routine on TikTok, while preparing for a 6 a.m. flight.

Using the song "Cardigan" by Taylor Swift as the video's sound, Gomez rubbed her tired eyes and yawned, before applying her skincare products one after the other.

She started by spraying her face with the affordable fave Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater, then cleansed her skin with iS CLINICAL's Cleansing Complex, before rinsing it off with a towel.

Gomez then plugged her own brand, Rare Beauty, sticking a couple of the Hydrating Under Eye Patches... under her eyes, obviously.

She followed this up with Dermalogica's Multi-Active Toner for evening out her skin texture, Smart Response Serum for hydrating and brightening, and Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum for reducing the appearance of fine lines and pores.

The multi-hyphenate celeb then mixed two shades of Rare Beauty Liquid Touch Brightening Concealer to brighten her under-eye area (it was the middle of the night, remember?), and sealed it all up with Rare Beauty Always An Optimist 4-in-1 Prime & Set Mist.

To be honest, her skin looked glowy and gorgeous before she even did any of this, but that might also have something to do with her clearly doing this whole routine very regularly, so...

Aside from noticing how beautiful the star looked, commenters were also obsessed with her song choice, which reminded them of the blessed era circa 2016 when Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift were complete besties (they still are, BTW, but their friendship just involves fewer Grammys posing sessions these days).

You can watch the video below!


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