Sydney Sweeney’s Faux Freckles Don’t Care What Season We’re In

Her hairstylist called the look his “favorite glam ever.”

Sydney Sweeney
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When I think of wintertime glam, the last place my mind goes is a face full of freckles. But Sydney Sweeney doesn’t care what I think. For a recent photoshoot, the Anyone But You actress sported a look that was all summertime, featuring a face void of dramatic makeup (it screams natural beauty), yet full of freckles and hair so blonde it looked like it was kissed by the sun itself.

When sharing a video of Sweeney, hairstylist Glen Oropeza, aka Glen Coco commented that it was his “fav glam ever,” tagging the other people who made the look possible, including makeup artist Melissa Hernandez, the mastermind behind the faux freckles, and Rita Lowery Hair Extensions, which helped Sweeney achieve her waist-length and stick-straight blonde locks.

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“It’s the freckles for me,” added Hernandez in her own Instagram story. The look was so good, in fact, that it prompted an exchange about the Euphoria star’s skin in the comments of Oropeza’s post. “Never seen her freckles before,” commented a fan, speaking for everyone. “That’s because she doesn’t have real freckles,” added another. “I did not know that,” the first responded, alongside a laughing crying emoji.

Faux freckles are nothing new. In fact, celebrity makeup artist and Westman Atelier founder Gucci Westman taught Marie Claire how to fake them almost a decade ago. The trick? Using extremely gentle pressure with your product of choice to make them look as natural as possible. 

"If you're looking for some framing, it really helps to frame your nose. Do little dots that don't look too symmetrical," shared Westman in a separate YouTube video. "Then just pat it in...That's a good trick to bring back some skin life quality."

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