Conan's Best Cold Open Ever Features the Cast of Orange is the New Black

Our favorite prisoners are back.

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Just because we've all successfully finished binge-watching (opens in new tab) season two of Orange is the New Black (opens in new tab) doesn't mean the ladies of Litchfield are out of our lives until next summer. The cast appeared on Conan last night for their first-ever group late-night appearance and took part in the greatest cold open the show has ever seen.

Laverne Cox (opens in new tab), in character as Sophia, comes to do Conan's hair. She lectures him on how his hairstyle might be turning off a huge demographic — because people are scared of clowns, and his hair makes him look like Bozo the Clown. She also pokes fun at his feminine voice, saying, "You really are an inspiration, the very first transgender talk-show host." The show's credits are then done in classic OITNB style and the band is dressed like prisoners. It's perfect.

Watch the video of the cold open, below:


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