This Man Put More Effort into His 'Teenage Dream' Proposal Video than You'll Ever Put into Anything in Your Life

So the least you can do is watch it.

stephen and diana
(Image credit: Courtesy of Stephen and Diana)

A search for "best proposal ever" or some variation on that theme yields approximately 752,000 results on YouTube. And although every video that claims that humble title is technically at least two people and their mothers' idea of the perfect question-popping, there can only be one champion.

This is it.

Commandeering Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream," an entire football team of relatives, his best friend's hand, and an auditorium, Stephen pulled out all the stops for a legendary engagement to high-school sweetheart Diana. This highest achievement of the romantic-comedic arts has it all, including cross-dressing, chair dances, puppies, unrestrained crying, Snuggies, and a grandma we'd fervently like to adopt as our own.

The kicker? Stephen took two months to coordinate what is literally the Most Amazing Proposal Ever. Knowing that, isn't it only fair you give him 10 minutes of your life?

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