Why the Queen Only Needs to Carry Cash on One Day of the Week

Unsurprisingly, it's not for her coffee.

The Queen
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Being the Queen makes you special in many ways. People have to stand when you enter a room, they refer to you as "Your Majesty," and you get two birthdays. Oh, and you never have to worry about being responsible for money either, because some of it's got your face on it and it's basically all yours when it comes down to it, anyway.

But it turns out there is one day of the week when the Queen becomes a minion like the rest of us and does have to carry cash around with her. Believe it or not, it's not for an extra hot latte on the way to William and Kate's place (she needs caffeine if she's going to play hide and seek with those kids).

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The one day of the week Queen Elizabeth carries a bit of money in her purse is actually a Sunday, so she can make a donation to the church when she goes to the service and they pass that plate around. Because god forbid anyone would see the Queen sneakily pass it on without donating a solitary penny to the church her family invented.

This priceless information was dug out by The Sun, where they've clearly been doing some light reading of a biography written about Her Majesty back in 2012. According to the royal biographer who wrote it, Queen Elizabeth usually donates £5 each week, which her butler irons into a square so she can place it discreetly on the plate. But if she's feeling particularly charitable (or if she's run out of fivers), the biography revealed, she'll leave £10 instead.

There you go, you learn something new every day.

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