Lily-Rose Depp Follows in Dad's Footsteps by Signing on to Major Movie Role

Johnny must be *really* proud.

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For Lily-Rose Depp, it isn't all too surprising that she has finally caught the acting bug. Just like her Oscar-nominated father, Johnny, who has an affinity for avant-garde characters (such as his iconic portrayals of Edward Scissorhands, Willy Wonka and the Mad Hatter), 16-year-old Depp is following in those same footsteps as she's signed on to her own unique role. 

According to Variety, she will be playing an impoverished dance wunderkind named Isadora Duncan in Stephanie Di Giusto's directorial debut, a period drama called The Dancer

While the film is centered around the life of modern dance legend Loie Fuller (who will be portrayed by French pop-singer-turned-movie-star, Soko), Depp plays a close friend of Fuller: "a San Francisco native who grew up in poverty and became a dance prodigy, quickly achieving worldwide fame," Variety says. 

"Quickly achieving worldwide fame" should soon feel familiar to the young actress IRL. Also cast as Natalie Portman's little sister in next year's 1930s-inspired Planetarium, it looks like this is just the beginning of a very promising film career. 

Like father, like daughter, right?

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