Olivia Wilde Was Considered "Too Old" for Leo in 'Wolf of Wall Street'

But she still thought Margot Robbie "kicked so much ass."

Speaking on The Howard Stern Show yesterday, Olivia Wilde revealed that she had a failed audition for The Wolf of Wall Street with Martin Scorsese a few years back. According to Olivia, while she's never missed out on a role because she was "too beautiful" (Howard's words), she did confirm her Wolf tryout slipped away because of her age (she's 32, by the way).

The funniest thing I heard recently was, I heard that I was too sophisticated. I thought, "Oh, that sounds nice. I like that feedback. I didn't get the part but I'm a very sophisticated person." And then I found out later they actually said old. I want to make a translation sheet for Hollywood that's all the feedback your agents give you and what it really means.

When it came time to cast for Vinyl, which Scorsese is a part of, Olivia says she didn't have to audition to play Devon Finestra, one of Warhol's Factory Girls in the '70s. "I had auditioned unsuccessfully for Wolf of Wall Street, that's the one I was too old for."

The Wolf role — Leonardo DiCaprio's onscreen wife — eventually went to 25-year-old Margot Robbie, who Olivia says "kicked so much ass." And before anyone assumes anything about Olivia's words, she clarified her remarks on Twitter this morning: 

Listen to the full interview here. I highly recommend the part where she describes how Jason Sudeikis "played it really cool" to woo her and didn't text her for a month after getting her number. "It was kinda sweet." 

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