Chrissy Teigen Was Just Shaded By Luna at Disneyland

Minnie Mouse gets a hug, but mommy doesn't!

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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend decided to take their daughter Luna to Disneyland in Hong Kong, and as you might expect, she loved it.

Firstly, Luna dressed up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast:

Next, she got her dad to wear Mickey Mouse ears, while she cradled the cutest Minnie Mouse toy:

And she definitely got into the magic of it all, by taking all of the rides:

And to top it all off, she majorly shaded her mom by showing her just how much she prefers hugs with Minnie Mouse:

As Teigen captions the video, "she lets me hug her once a week," but it's clear that Luna is ready for all of the hugs that Minnie has to offer. But who can blame her? Disneyland is the best place on earth, right?

Despite the major shade thrown, Teigen and Legend seem to be really enjoying their vacation, while they await the birth of their second baby.

Yesterday, Teigen shared a super cute video of Legend dancing along to one of Luna's toys, with the caption, "eyes still puffy from puddy tears but they keep me happy." Teigen is of course referring to her beloved dog Puddy who sadly passed away this week. But luckily, she has her family to cheer her up:

Teigen announced her second pregnancy in November 2017, by sharing a video of Luna revealing that there was a baby in mommy's belly. Teigen and Legend have always been extremely open about using IVF to start their family, and revealed that Luna's first sibling will be a baby brother, as "that is the embryo we have left."

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