Nicole Kidman Just Shared the First Picture of Meryl Streep on 'Big Little Lies'

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Filming for Big Little Lies season two is underway and, yes, that means set pictures. And, yes, those pictures now include new castmember Meryl Streep. Nicole Kidman posted a picture of her fellow Oscar-winner working on a scene with their on-screen sons and grandsons, respectively.

"First day on the set with Meryl and “my” darling boys! #BigLittleLies," Kidman captioned the photo, which shows the TV family huddled around a tablet, looking at something together.

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Streep and Kidman worked together on 2002's The Hours and they've been friends ever since, regularly reuniting with hugs and smiles at various awards shows.

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Reese Witherspoon also posted the big Meryl pic to Instagram. Here's hoping the tight-knit cast posts many more behind-the-scenes shots and sneak peeks at season two.

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