Kevin Gnapoor From 'Mean Girls' Is Now a Sexy "Artist"

Move over Aaron Samuels.

Aaaaalll youuuu sucka MC's ain't got nothin' on Kevin G.

No, seriously. His rap in Mean Girls was ICONIC. Kevin Gnapoor is highly quotable, brilliantly creepy, and generally just a character who will stay with us forever. Mathletes for life.

Adding to the dreaminess of Kevin G? The fact that the actor who plays him, Rajiv Surendra, is totally hot these days.

Not that he wasn't hot back in 2004, to be clear. He was. It's just that lusting over Cady and saying 'thang' put us off him a bit.

But now that Rajiv is Rajiv, rather than Kevin, we can focus on his true sexiness. Because yes, he is hot. Super hot. Bravo to your genetics, Rajiv.

Sadly, Rajiv has not pursued a career in rap. He also hasn't appeared in anything as an actor since 2005. Instead, he's been focusing on the art world, working as a chalkboard artist and calligrapher—both of which add to his sex appeal. He can write us some love letters in fancy fonts on a chalkboard any day.

Besides that, he's been filling his days by working out (clearly), wearing posh suits, reuniting with other Mean Girls cast-members and occasionally even hanging with Taylor Swift, and getting licked by big dogs. Cute.

He only created his Instagram a week or so ago and we've already learned SO MUCH about our new internet boyfriend. We can't wait to see what he does next.

UPDATE: He just told us that he's writing a memoir called The Elephants In My Backyard. Apparently it's the Eat Pray Love for millennials and you can pre-order it now.

Ellen Scott

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