Beyoncé's On The Run II Tour Stage Malfunctioned and Left Her Stranded

She had to navigate a ladder in platform heels.

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Bad day at work? Spare a thought for our Lord and savior Beyoncé Knowles, who found herself well and truly stranded when Beyoncé's On The Run II tour flying stage malfunctioned in front of 60,000 fans. It happens to the best of us.

Performing alongside husband Jay-Z in Warsaw for the Polish leg of their joint tour, Bey was left with no choice but to simply work it out, as her elaborate flying stage came to an abrupt halt, leaving her with no way down from the huge height.

There’s really nothing like standing around mid-concert in your sequined black leotard, only to be told by a group of guys in headsets that you now need to quickly reverse and navigate your way down a steep ladder in thigh-high platform heels. There you go, that’s the worst nightmare that you never even realized you had.

After a lot of encouragement from stagehands and some supportive chanting from the nearby crowd, a very reluctant Beyoncé somehow manages to make her way down without plummeting to the floor. Of course, you can bet your entire life savings that she made it to the bottom with maximum swag and swiftly exited the stage with a sashay.

Someone’s getting fiiii-iiired.

Luckily, everyone quickly forgot about the whole debacle when the star hit Instagram on Sunday to share an impromptu, casual, pure flames photoshoot staged on Beyoncé's private jet. And THAT'S how you recover from an awkward moment, ladies and gents.



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