Priyanka Chopra Supporting Nick Jonas at His Concert in Singapore Is Adorable

Nick Jonas is performing in Singapore as part of MTV Asia's Hyperplay and his girlfriend, Priyanka Chopra, traveled with him for the concert. She was spotted supporting Nick during the show and the couple were seen at a nightclub Saturday night.

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After two whirlwind months of dating, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are reportedly engaged. The honeymoon period of the relationship is still going strong and Priyanka and Nick are in the "support each other via Instagram Stories and heart emojis" stage of the relationship (it's a thing — cultural anthropologists of the future will write about it).

This weekend, Nick is in Singapore performing as part of MTV Asia's Hyperplay lineup, an appearance he made a point of teasing on his own Instagram Story.

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Priyanka has apparently traveled to Singapore with Nick to support him during the show, going all in on her role as supportive girlfriend/possible fiancée. She also proudly promoted Nick's set, posting an Instagram Story of the lineup when he was next up to perform, emblazoned with a heart emoji and the "sound on" symbol.

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Priyanka isn't a stay-backstage-girlfriend though. She's a stand-in-the-front-row-of-the-crowd-dancing girlfriend. Fans at the show quickly spotted the actress cheering her love on at the show, and the expected outpouring of Twitter love ensued.

"Priyanka Chopra being a supportive girlfriend to Nick Jonas is so cute," one Twitter user wrote along with a photo of Priyanka looking lovingly on as Nick does his thing on stage.

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Nick and Priyanka have been making the most of their time in Singapore. On Saturday night, fans spotted the couple engaging in some sweet PDA while out at a nightclub. And yeah, there's video. Praise Twitter.

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Nick and Priyanka were first photographed together at the Met Gala in 2017, but didn't begin dating until May of this year. Nick reported popped the question at Priyanka's 36th birthday dinner in London.

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