Meghan Markle's Father Is Reportedly Starting His Own Clothing Line, Because Sure

What else could make this situation better?

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Attend Anzac Day Services
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The never-ending saga of the royal family versus Meghan Markle’s relatives (opens in new tab) continues and, of all the developments that the ongoing drama could have possibly delivered, a clothing line from the Duchess’s father, Thomas Markle (opens in new tab), is perhaps the least expected. And yet here we are.

Meghan’s dad Thomas, who has made speaking to the press his main hobby (opens in new tab) since his daughter married Prince Harry, is reportedly set to launch his own menswear fashion range for reasons that no one really seems to understand. The endlessly confusing news comes from Meghan’s half-sister, Samantha Markle who, according to Page Six (opens in new tab), wrote on her private Twitter account that she was “so excited about my father’s new clothing line for men! Will keep you posted.”

Samantha, who has racked up her fair share of controversial headlines (opens in new tab) and previously admitted that she will be cashing in on her sibling’s new title (opens in new tab), later added that her father should “start his own line of hoodies for older men” in another post. Sure thing, my own dad is already excited.

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Resentment between the old and new sides of Meghan’s family has been growing since before her wedding to Harry back in May. With Thomas Markle staging paparazzi photos (opens in new tab), completely missing the royal wedding (opens in new tab), and arguing on the phone with Prince Harry (opens in new tab), the drama appears to have come to a standstill with the Duchess refusing to speak to her father until he contacts her in a private and “respectful manner.” Most recently, royal reporter Richard Kay went as far as to say that Thomas Markle’s behavior has led to an “existential crisis for the Queen’s family.” (opens in new tab)

At least we can all have a comfortable existential crisis in the perfect hoodie and sweatpants combo now, am I right?


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