Meghan Markle Shared a Special Moment With Her On-Screen Dad Just Before the Royal Wedding

It happened during the filming of her 'Suits' wedding.

Meghan Markle in Suits - Season 7
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It’s been a little while since any stories around Meghan Markle’s father had a positive note to them, but this one is refreshingly sweet. And, sure, it might be her on-screen dad that we’re talking about here, but we’ll take what we can get. Meghan’s TV father and Suits star, Wendell Pierce, has shared a heartwarming memory from the filming of his final scenes with the ex-actress, and it’s exactly the special, pre-wedding moment that any father and daughter should share together.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Wendell remembered the day that he and Meghan filmed the scenes for her character Rachel Zane’s wedding to Michael Ross, aka. co-star Patrick J Adams. It sounds like the whole thing got pretty meta as, in-between shoots, Wendell and the now Duchess of Sussex fell into their father/daughter roles for a chat about Meghan’s upcoming, real life royal wedding.

"We had a moment I cherish," the actor said. "I was sitting with Meghan in her wedding dress, as we waited for a set-up. We were alone. I said to her, 'Your life is going to change. It's going to be amazing but I want you to know that I'm your friend, and no matter where you are or what's going on—if the fishbowl that you're in ever starts getting to you—you can call me.”

Suits - Season 7

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As for Meghan’s off-screen IRL father, things don’t seem to be quite as picturesque in their relationship. Thomas Markle’s latest interview with the Daily Mail saw him reveal that the number that he was previously given to reach his daughter and her husband directly has now been cut off. This claim follows an endless stream of dramatic and troubling outbursts from her family, including his branding the royal family as “cult-like”, and the revelation he hung up the phone on Prince Harry during a heated conversation.

And you thought the "When you order something online vs. when it arrives in real life" concept was just a lighthearted meme. Nope. "When you have a dad on TV vs. when you remember that you have one in real life, too."

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