Taylor Swift's Boyfriend Joe Alwyn Talks About Their Relationship for the First Time

They do a really good job at staying out of the spotlight.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have kept their relationship very private since they started quietly dating last year, but Joe has finally decided to open up about his girlfriend in a new interview. Though he doesn't say much, he does reveal the understandable reason why he keeps him and Taylor's lives together out of the spotlight.

“I’m aware people want to know about that side of things. I think we have been successfully very private,” he reportedly says in an interview with British Vogue for its October issue. “And that has now sunk in for people...but I really prefer to talk about work.” (Same Joe, same.)

A source previously told US Weekly that Joe “really showed Swift a different lifestyle and the value of privacy...They vowed to keep their relationship to themselves and they’ve done everything they can to keep it that way." You can't really blame the couple for keeping the details of their relationship under wraps after Taylor's very public (and often messy) breakups throughout the years. (FYI, they haven't even posted a picture together on social media.)

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Taylor, 28, had quite a controversial year following the release of her sixth studio album, Reputation, last November. The singer has barely made any appearances aside from her concerts, but recently announced that she will be starring in the movie version of Cats alongside Jennifer Hudson, James Corden, and other stars.

At least we do know that Joe and Taylor are still going strong.

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