Meghan Markle Has Been Wearing Her Sentimental Wedding Gift From Father-In-Law Prince Charles

She packed it for the royal tour.

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It was clear from the day of the royal wedding that Meghan Markle has developed a special relationship with Prince Charles since joining the royal family. Her new father-in-law walked her down the aisle of St George’s Chapel when her own father couldn’t be present, and it’s been said that Charles thinks Meghan is the “best thing” to ever happen to his son, which is very sweet.

It was previously revealed by royal reporters that Prince Charles had given the Duchess of Sussex a beautiful diamond tennis bracelet as a pre-wedding gift to welcome her to the family, and the piece seems to have since made its way into Meghan’s most precious jewelry collection. She’s been wearing the bracelet proudly during her current royal tour of Fiji, which began on Tuesday morning alongside Prince Harry.

Meghan first wore the delicate bracelet on the evening before the royal wedding, and again chose it to wear with her pale pink ensemble at Charles’ 70th birthday celebrations. This time, the Duchess selected the sentimental piece again for her highly anticipated arrival in Fiji, so it’s clear that it must mean a lot to her. It provided the perfect subtle sparkle for her white Zimmerman dress, hat by Stephen Jones and the earrings gifted to her by The Queen.

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Oh don’t mind Meghan, just casually wearing TWO gifts at once from the current monarch and the future monarch. No biggie.

This bracelet really is a favorite for the Duchess. After a quick outfit change into her breathtaking blue cape gown by SAFiYAA, the fine jewelry also made the cut later on in the day, for her elegant state dinner evening look. She also opted against wearing a tiara for the night, so it’s the latest sign that Meghan seems to favor wearing more understated, delicate jewelry in her royal role, rather than anything too flashy.

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Now please excuse me while I quiz my boyfriend's father on when I can expect my diamond bracelet, too.


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