Meghan Markle Is Following in Kate Middleton's Footsteps and Acting as a Royal Photographer

Meghan Markle took a photo that appeared on the official Kensington Palace Twitter account during her royal tour of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Tonga. Kate Middleton also enjoys photography and her pictures have appeared on the royal social media accounts for years.

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We all knew that Meghan Markle was a talented woman outside of her uncanny ability to acclimate perfectly and immediately to royal life. But, of course, she's done that too—something she's proven over and over again, but most recently during her pitch-perfect first royal tour, in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Tonga.

The Duchess of Sussex was an accomplished actress before she met Prince Harry. She also ran a successful lifestyle blog (RIP forever, The Tig), graduated from a top university, and enjoyed a range of unique passions, like her love of handwritten notes.

On Saturday, Kensington Palace tweeted about the closing ceremony of the Invictus Games in Sydney. No big deal, right? Here's what the Palace wrote, in its very standard, "Hey this is a cool royal-related thing that's happening" kind of tweet:

"Getting ready for tonight’s @InvictusSydney closing ceremony, where we will celebrate the #InvictusGames competitors, and their friends and families. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will both speak at the ceremony this evening. #IG2018.

BUT THEN an emoji and four little words took the tweet from run-of-the-mill to monumental (you know, if you consider every single development in the lives of the royals "monumental"):

"📷 The Duchess of Sussex"

Yep, the attached photo, of Harry on stage, rehearsing for the ceremony, was taken by Meghan herself.

Here's the photo, if you need a better look:

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(Image credit: Twitter)

By taking photos that go on to be shared by the Palace's official social media accounts, Meghan is once again following in the footsteps of her sister-in-law/fellow commoner-turned-royal Kate Middleton, who is a passionate photographer and routinely takes official portraits of her own kids.

Just one more thing Meghan and Kate have in common.

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