Sophie Turner Reacts Adorably to Joe Jonas Secretly Instagramming Her

Joe Jonas took a secret Instagram Story video of Sophie Turner and used a filter that shot her with cupid's arrows. Sophie had the cutest reaction when she realized Joe was filming her.

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In the Very Adorable Couple Olympics, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner would definitely be gold medalists. The DNCE frontman and Game of Thrones actress have been dating since late 2016 and announced their engagement last October. Throughout their relationship, from their early Kings of Leon concert cuddles in Rotterdam to their matching engagement announcement Instagram posts to their truly adorable U.S. Open PDA this fall, they've almost been too cute to be real.

This leads us, of course, to Joe and Sophie's latest random act of cuteness. Let's set the scene: It's a boring, average, run-of-the-mill afternoon. Joe and Sophie are sitting around, waiting for something or someone and they're killing time on their respective phones. They've been together a long time now, and they're comfortable enough in the relationship to sit silently in the same room, doing their own things.

As Sophie scrolls through something on her phone (is it Instagram? Is it Twitter? Is it her email? Who knows? It may always be a mystery to us normals—but, I mean, it's probably Instagram, right? Or texts from Priyanka Chopra.). Joe looks up at her from across the room and—BAM—it hits him. What's "it" exactly? Her beauty? Her charm? That ineffable quality that drew him to her in the first place? Whatever it is, he's falling in love with her all over again like it's for the first time.

He needs to express this love. BUT HOW? Suddenly, an idea: A filter that shoots cute little animated cupid's arrows at her face. That, and that alone, will adequately summarize his deep, eternal love to the world. So, you know, Joe starts filming Sophie, and shooting her in the face with little animated cupid's arrows:

At first, Sophie doesn't seem to notice that Joe is filming her:

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So Joe does what any lovestruck soul would do and subtly gets her attention. At first, she is not amused:

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But then the cupid's arrows—the ones she can't even see, remember, because they are in an app and not real (I know, you needed the reminder)—take effect and she's overcome with bubbly love for Joe:

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Pinky promise you'll be this cute forever, guys?

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