Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Weren't Shy With the PDA During Their Birkenhead Visit

So much hand-holding.

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Firmly back into the swing of royal duty, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have kickstarted their 2019 with a visit to Birkenhead. Wrapping up against the cold weather in north west England Meghan Markle surprised fashion fans as she stepped out of the royal carriage (otherwise known as Range Rover) in head to toe bright color, styling a vivid purple dress with a clashing bright red coat. The fun pop of red from her high heels was the cherry on top of a killer, colorful outfit.

But the Birkenhead appearance isn’t just spoiling us with style moments–Meghan and Harry have also been showcasing some of their sweetest PDA moments yet. The royal couple couldn’t seem to keep their hands off one another (in a lovely, non-gross way, of course) as they arrived at Hamilton Square to meet local Wirral residents.

As soon as their visit began, Harry reverted back to his usual comforting tactic and kept a hand on Meghan’s back as they met their hosts. For Meghan, who is months away from giving birth and still only in her first year of royal duties, the experience must still be overwhelming, so it’s a sweet gesture from her husband.

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As if that wasn’t cute enough, the Duchess also later returned his favor in the exact same way. I'm emotional.

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During their walkabout, the Duke and Duchess remained inseparable and held hands for most of the time as they headed over to fans who’d waited to meet the royal couple. Breaking apart only to receive gifts and flowers from well wishers, it wasn’t long before Meghan was reaching out for Harry’s hand again.

Royal visit to Birkenhead

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Harry and Meghan have never been particularly shy or guarded when it comes to small gestures to display their affection for one another in public. Their Sussex visit, for example, was packed with understated PDA, and it's more unusual for them to remain apart than to see them holding hands. Contrastingly, it's well-established that Kate Middleton and Prince William William don't hold hands during public engagements, which may be from personal preference as much as official protocol.

Meghan and Harry, ladies and gentlemen, the world's cutest hand-holders.

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