Everything to Know About Emma Stone's New Fiancé Dave McCary

They're low-key, to put it mildly.

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Oscar-winning actress Emma Stone began dating Dave McCary, a former Saturday Night Live writer and now segment director, in 2017. In doing so, she joined the list of actors and celebrities—including Scarlett Johansson, Ariana Grande, and Ben Affleck—who have recently paired off with a member of SNL. Stone's been quiet about her dating life, even more so after she broke up with fellow actor Andrew Garfield in 2015. So who is her boyfriend, and what do we know about the very private couple?

It looks to be official—Stone and McCary are engaged.

Update, 12/4/19: You guys, this might be the cutest thing ever. McCary, who's technically on social media but only posts every few months (and never about his relationship), just posted a photo of him and Stone! She's wearing a gorgeous (oval? pear-shaped?) ring on THAT finger. He didn't caption the photo with any words except a pink heart emoji, but both just look so delighted and happy that it looks like this is as close as they're going to get to an official announcement. Their friends, including Zoey Deutch and Amy Schumer, have been liking and commenting their support on the post, and the happy couple is being swarmed with all the online love right now.

Stone doesn't have any social media at all and the two are so, so private that this little peek into their private lives is so darling that I just might cry. This actually feels really perfect for them—they clearly adore each other, but just don't make their public relationship a big deal. Stone has been wearing a ring on that finger on and off (see below) but it looks like that most have been for a role or to fake us out. Ok, now I need Stone to go on a TV interview and tell me all about it. Was it a surprise? Were they on vacation? Tell me everything. Also, I'm already planning her wedding dress look in my mind, not sorry.

Here's the post:

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I'm melting!

Emma was photographed wearing a potential engagement ring??

Original post, 4/5/19: Oh my GOODNESS, this is exciting. Emma was spotted around town wearing a ring on THAT FINGER (go here for the pics). Sometimes celebs wear fake engagement rings to freak people out—if so, mission accomplished, Emma—and obviously that finger isn't off-limits for non-engagement-ring baubles. HOWEVER. I still want it to be true.

In the pictures, Emma looks quietly confident and happy, which is how I like her. So regardless of her official status, it seems like this relationship is bringing out some wonderful things for her.

Since awards season, Emma hasn't made any public appearances with her boyfriend, but she did show up to Paris Fashion Week in a fabulous tweed outfit. Looking carefully at her left hand, there was nothing on her ring finger, and that was exactly one month ago. So, if the engagement has happened, it was pretty recent. I continue to wait anxiously and excitedly.

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Emma listed her California home in mid-March.

According to Variety, Emma purchased the Beverly Hills property in 2012 when she was still dating Andrew Garfield (four bedrooms, 4.5 baths, asking for a cool $3.89 million). The Variety link has pictures of the stunning house. Emma obviously hasn't shared with anyone publicly why she's selling or where she might be moving, but it could be a sign that she might be headed to New York, where Dave lives. The couple has been dating for over a year now, which is a VERY good sign, I think.

Emma used to have a townhouse in the Chelsea neighborhood with Andrew, but put it up for sale in 2017 according to Architectural Digest. And obviously she has the resources to do both: Update her living situation near L.A., where she works, and potentially look into something in New York as well. I can't wait to hear! 

They met when Stone hosted SNL.

The pair became official in October 2017 but reportedly had been dating at least three months before that. They initially met when Stone hosted the show in December 2016 for the third time, so that means the two at least knew about each other for several months before they got together. According to Vulture, McCary actually directed Stone during the "Wells for Boys" skit.

He's also a movie director and comedian.

McCary's feature directorial debut was Brigsby Bear in 2017, which starred SNL actor Kyle Mooney as well as Greg Kinnear and Mark Hammill, and was produced by Lonely Island. McCary cofounded the sketch comedy group Good Neighbor with Mooney after they met at USC.

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Neither is active on social media.

The two are able to remain so private, in part because they don't share their lives publicly on social media, which only gets people more curious about their lives. (Update: It looks like Dave does have Instagram, but he hasn't posted since early 2018, and his Twitter is private, so this silence might be recent since dating Emma.) But the fact that the two are on the same page is probably a good thing, right?

They're almost never spotted together.

As of this writing, there are zero red carpet photos of Stone and McCary together, and Stone hasn't spoken about the relationship. McCary didn't walk the red carpet with Stone at the 2019 Golden Globes but did join her for the afterparty—no photos, though. Stone reportedly supported McCary at the premiere of Brigsby Bear, and there aren't photos of that either. 

But he's met her friends.

At that same afterparty, an eyewitness told Us Weekly that Stone and McCary joined Taylor Swift, Joe Alwyn, Rachel Weiss, and Daniel Craig (two other VERY private couples) at a table. "Emma and Dave were super touchy-feely and affectionate which seemed to make Taylor more comfortable doing the same with Joe,” the source said. "It seemed like a very fun and light-hearted date night."

They're "attached at the hip."

Stone hosted a "roller-skating holiday party" with Haim in December—which sounds amazing, by the way—and she and McCary were affectionate and happy together. A source told Us Weekly that in between skating/flailing around wildly (probably), Stone and McCary cuddled and danced together. "She whispered in his ear and rubbed his back," the eyewitness said. "They looked super close."

They attended a basketball game together.

In a rare public outing, the couple watched the Golden State Warriors face off against the Los Angeles Clippers in January 2019, according to Entertainment Tonight.

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It was a sweet confirmation that the two are going strong!

She took him to the Oscars.

Always a good sign: They didn't walk the red carpet (in keeping with their low-key, private nature) but he showed up during the telecast next to her. They also attended the SAGs, and though they didn't walk the red carpet, there were photos taken of them with Bradley Cooper inside the venue. We also got some great reaction shots:

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So, lest we all be worried (Emma, I just want the best for you!), everything is still ok between them.

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