Kate Middleton Wore a Stunning Red Dress to Carole Middleton's Birthday Party in Chelsea

The Duchess of Recycled Style strikes again.

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"Duchess of Recycled Style" isn't a real title, but if it were, it would almost certainly go to Kate Middleton (opens in new tab). The Duchess of Cambridge is known for publicly rewearing looks (opens in new tab) and she appears to have pulled off her signature style move once again, this time for her mother, Carole Middleton's, 64th birthday party.

Kate was snapped (opens in new tab) on her way to the celebration at Pippa Middleton's £20 million home in Chelsea (opens in new tab). In photos (which The Mirror (opens in new tab) has, if you want to put eyes on them yourself—which, obviously, you do), Kate is seen wearing (opens in new tab) a long, flowy red maxi dress. She paired the red dress with a pair of matching, pointed-toe heels, stunning statement earrings, a long black coat, and a shopping bag full of gifts, presumably for the birthday girl.

While it's hard to get a good look at the dress under the coat, Kate Middleton superfans (opens in new tab) around the internet were quick to help ID the gown. In a now-deleted tweet (opens in new tab), Kate fan account @TeaCambridges (opens in new tab) speculated that it could be the red Alexander McQueen gown (opens in new tab) the Duchess wore in Berlin during her official visit to Poland and Germany in July 2017.

Here's a full-length look at Kate in the dress in 2017, for reference:

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If it is the same Alexander McQueen dress, it's very appropriate. Why? Well, because the first time Kate wore that dress (opens in new tab) was for another relative's birthday celebration—her grandmother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth. Yep, even though she was in Germany when she sported the look, Kate was paying homage to her famous in-law at the Queen's Birthday (opens in new tab) Party at the British Ambassadorial Residence.

According to another Kate fan account, @MiddletonMaven (opens in new tab)Kate's coat is from Ida Sjöstedt (opens in new tab) and the red crystal earrings are Simone Rocha and still in stock, if you have $295 (opens in new tab) burning a hole in your pocket.

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Honestly, whether it's a rewear or a new lewk, the takeaway is that Kate has nailed her fashion game yet again.


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