Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez' Valentines Day Plans Involved 'Dirty Dancing'

They're still the perfect couple.

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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez—still giving us relationship envy! Even though we didn't get a Valentine's Day engagement (even Ellen DeGeneres is gunning for it!), we got more of the cute dynamic that the couple isn't shy about showing. And this time, there's video.

J. Lo, A. Rod, and what looks like his oldest daughter Natasha and one of her friends are all belting out "Time of My Life," which as you'll recall is the theme song to the iconic rom-com Dirty Dancing. It's both an incredible throwback and a way for J. Lo to show off those impressive pipes. Per usual, she's also taking the opportunity to cue everybody else in at the appropriate time to make the best configuration of their voices.

It's everything I never knew I always wanted from the couple. Now, I'm just envisioning J. Lo running towards A. Rod in slow-mo, and he lifts her up JUST like Patrick Swayze lifts Jennifer Grey up in that famous scene. Now I'm singing that song in my head...

Earlier in the week, J. Lo explained that A. Rod surprised her for their first Valentine's Day with a huge display of flowers chocolates, and a cake in her hotel room. "I was like, 'Who sent me all that?'" she said. "You know, I didn't know who it was—kind of—because it was kind of new." She added, "But it was really nice because it made me feel like, 'Oh, he likes me!'" So they're upping the ante every year, it looks like.

Here's the short video with the couple belting out the classic song:

Earlier in the day, J. Lo posted a sweet, sexy photo of the couple in bed (wow!) as well as a picture of their blended family and a model shot of the couple—all their biggest priorities in one post. Swipe to see more.

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