Sophie Turner Just Clapped Back at Nosy Paparazzi in the Most Brilliant Way

Sophie Turner is on vacation with fiance Joe Jonas and his family, including BFF Priyanka Chopra. And it looks like it's the most perfect beachy getaway, except for one thing: the paparazzi, snapping photos of the couples.

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(Image credit: Raymond Hall)

Sophie Turner is on vacation with fiance Joe Jonas and his family, including BFF Priyanka Chopra. And it looks like it's the most perfect beachy getaway, except for one thing: the paparazzi, peeking out of bushes and behind beach umbrellas to snap photos of the couples. Thankfully, Sophie seems to have the most ingenious response to the nosy photographers—and that's to take pictures of them right back.

On her Instagram Stories, Sophie captioned the hilarious video and picture series "Turning the tables on the paps." There's video of a female photographer running away across the beach while Sophie laughs out loud, a video of Sophie with a paparazzi-like long-lens camera snapping some shots, and then a somewhat more lighthearted photo of Sophie amongst some photogs smiling and laughing (soooo I guess it was all in good fun, in the end?).

Here's a still shot from Sophie taking photos—by the way, loving that AC/DC shirt, Sophie:

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(Image credit: Sophie Turner)

A shot of the photog running away:

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(Image credit: Sophie Turner)

And the shot of Sophie with a pap smiling and laughing (that guy to her left might be security?):

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(Image credit: Sophie Turner)

I imagine that dealing with photographers has to be a way of life now for Sophie and Joe, so it seems like she's dealing with it SUPER well.

And here's a sneak peek of what the group has been doing when they're NOT trolling the paps:

Ugh, it looks like the best, most casual boat party ever. Can summer get here now, please?

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