All Hannah B's 'Bachelorette' Contestants Have Been Announced

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During last night's finale of The Bachelor, we got a little more info about Hannah Brown, the newest Bachelorette, and what her season might look like—with Chris Harrison even bringing out a few gentlemen to meet Hannah in advance (which is something he's done before and it's always a bit cringey, TBH). Good news: We won't have to wait long to see Hannah B's season of The Bachelorette, which airs May 13 and will start filming the weekend of March 16, per Reality Steve.

Here's a primer on what we know so far.

There are 33 men competing for Hannah's heart.

Surprise! Late last night, The Bachelorette took the unprecedented step of introducing us to the 33 men who "may" be on the show, to use their words. Thirty-three gentlemen is more than in previous years, and feels like it might just be more men that might be eliminated night one? But who am I to argue? There are some cute guys in here! They range in age from 23 to 33, and there's even one from her beloved home state!

The premiere is early this year.

The season starts May 13, per ABC, and starts filming this coming weekend, according to Reality Steve, who was absolutely right about Hannah being the Bachelorette weeks in advance. So he probably knows what he's talking about, is what I'm saying.

Some of it has already been filmed in Alabama.

Hannah is a proud University of Alabama alum (you've probably heard her exclaiming "Roll Tide!" at every opportunity), and there have already been video clips of her filming some intro footage on campus. If everything goes well and Hannah gets to introduce someone to her family, chances are they'll head back to the state.

But filming starts in earnest this weekend.

Given the mid-May premiere, there's a LOT of ground to cover. Apparently the schedule might look a little something like this, per Reality Steve (again, the guy who was right about the entire shock ending on Colton's season)—next week will be a couple group dates, a couple rose ceremonies, then in the following weeks a trip to Rhode Island, and then abroad.

Hannah has already met five of the bachelors.

On The Bachelor finale, Hannah got a sneak peek at a few of the gentlemen competing for her heart. One of them, Connor, even brought her a stool (kind of thoughtful! Also, that is a TALL GENTLEMAN).

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From left to right: Luke S., Dustin, Connor, Cam, Hannah, Chris H., and Luke.
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We got an early, spoilery look at 15 bachelors.

Thanks, again, to Reality Steve, we got advanced insight on some of the men competing for Hannahbama's heart. Their names are: Tyler Cameron, Sammy Maniscalco, Cam Ayala, Tyler Gwozdz, Luke Parker, Jed Wyatt, Garrett Powell, Connor Saeli, Luke Stone, Brian Bowles, Daron Blaylock, Joe Barsano, Chasen Coscia, Matt Dione, and Dylan Barbour.

Starting on this page, there are tons of details and photos of all of them, but here are just a few for your viewing pleasure (most of the contestants have since set their profiles to private for now, but there are screenshots at that link).

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I want so many good things for Hannah, so...fingers crossed!

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