Jennifer Lopez's 'Hustlers' Shoes Are the Highest Heels I've Ever Seen

Jennifer Lopez continues to shoot the film Hustlers in New York City, and thus continues to wow us with her fun, fabulous, stripper-with-style character costumes. And included in those photos are a pair of what looks like the most difficult to walk in, badass shoes I've ever seen.

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(Image credit: Raymond Hall)

Jennifer Lopez continues to shoot the film Hustlers in New York City, and thus continues to wow us with her fun, fabulous, stripper-with-style character costumes. And included in those photos are a pair of what looks like the most difficult to walk in, badass shoes I've ever seen.

J.Lo has been talking about her upcoming movie while she also promotes her new song with French Montana, "Medicine." (So busy!!) Hilariously, her fiancé Alex Rodriguez actually helped her prep. "Alex was very excited about me doing a stripper movie," she said. "He helped me do research by going to a strip club in NYC with me and we watched the show and afterwards I chatted to some of the girls.

"Of course he knew that world (the stripper world) very well from when he was a young athlete, going to the clubs and stuff. He helped me a lot with the preparation for this movie and was very supportive."

If you recall, these are the same boots she donned last week on set in a Juicy tee and pink furry jacket. So these are, like, an IMPORTANT item of clothing for the character. So, I can clearly infer that the character is tough as nails (seriously, the boots have studs in them), unafraid to be audaciously herself, and has very strong ankles.

Here's a look at the full outfit:

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(Image credit: Raymond Hall)

And here's a closeup of the tallest-of-tall boots:

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(Image credit: Raymond Hall)

In what looks like a shot of either J.Lo coming to or leaving set—or just a different costume—she's changed into a denim overall jumpsuit and sneakers with wedges (still high! But just not quite AS high). Oh my god, can you imagine how good it must have felt to take those things off?

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(Image credit: James Devaney)

Of course, J.Lo is also a superhero, so I suppose for her it's no big thing. My toes would have peeled off by now.

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