Cardi B Can't Stop Posting About Food, Especially Her "Best Ever" Barbecue Chips

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        • She's been on fire on Instagram lately, posting about late-night snacks (pizza) and raving about her Cheddar Bar-B-Que chips, crowning them the best ever—her words.

            One of the many, many things I love about Cardi B is her ability to be real with her fans. There's no pretending that she doesn't have to work super-hard to get where she is—or that she doesn't treat herself to delicious food when she gets the chance. All week, Cardi's been posting envy-worthy posts about food, including her most recent late-night snack (pizza, in case you're curious. Cardi B—just like me!). And she just posted a video on her Instagram Stories in which she deemed her Cheddar Bar-B-Que chips the very best chips of all time.

            "I'm not saying this because these are my chips n sh*t, but these are the best. Chips. Ever. and if you wanna call my bluff, just buy some...they're 59 cents, and I bet you gonna be like 'You aight.' They so good, I love 'em. Tasty." She then concluded the video with a cut-off f-word. Love you, Cardi.

            Here's a still of the video:

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            And a photo of the pizza (I know what you like):

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            During her pregnancy (and likely before that too), Cardi has given us a laundry list of what she loves, down to the nitty gritty detail.

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            As a non-pregnant person who regularly hits her quota of junk food for the day, I approve, Cardi.

            And just a couple months ago, she treated us to a look at brunch (and flowers ) from Offset:

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            Forever mood AND drool emoji, all at once.

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