Why Meghan Markle Likely Won't Meet President Trump During His State Visit to the U.K.

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    • Meghan Markle might normally be there, despite the fact that she campaigned against him, but she'll probably be on maternity leave.

        President Donald Trump has just been announced to make his first state visit to the U.K. from June 3 to June 5, with First Lady Melania Trump joining him. He will be visiting Queen Elizabeth—in addition to other royals, most likely—but the big question on fans' minds is: Will American-born Meghan Markle be there?

        Royal reporter Rebecca English, who usually has good insight into the protocol for visits such as these, speculated about which royals will show up for the visit. Meghan actively campaigned against Trump as a private citizen, calling him "divisive" and a "misogynist," but the British royals (and any royals, really) do sometimes have to meet with people who differ with them on politics. This might be the first time that the Duke and Duchess take part in a state visit—and we may, in fact, see Prince Harry at some point during the visit.

        More importantly, though, Meghan will likely be on maternity leave when Trump arrives. If she has the baby at the end of April or beginning of May as anticipated, and thinking about a traditional three-month maternity leave, that would mean she wouldn't be back to work in any official capacity until the end of July or beginning of August. Now, please note, I'm not suggesting that I know Meghan's plans, or that she can't take less or more time off. Meghan's a real go-getter and always has been, but I'm sure leave would be lovely and welcome as it is with any new mom. But early June is, very likely, awfully early into her leave for her to be making an appearance regardless.

        Rebecca English also speculated about what the visit might include, pending further official updates from Buckingham Palace: "Donald Trump should expect a formal welcome at The Mall (including a carriage drive), lunch with the Queen & senior royals, a display of Anglo-US historical artefacts and a state banquet (at the very least)." Stay tuned—more to come.

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