Miley Cyrus Channels the Mother of Dragons In a 'Game of Thrones'-Inspired Vest

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    • It was all there: The yellow and gold, plus the dragon-looking figure, plus the old-timey buttons.

        Y'all, we are about to see a lot of Miley Cyrus. She's got an album on the way, and she's already promoting it in sexy, ASMR fashion with fruit (it's even weirder than it sounds). She's in a cool Black Mirror episode, in which she plays, surprise, a mega-popular pop star. And she's starting to get snapped out and about, last night in London. Lo and behold, her Game of Thrones-inspired vest is giving me major Dany, Mother of Dragons vibes. Miley, a secret Daenarys fan??

        Ok, so, Thrones nerd that I am, I technically know that the Targaryen sigil is black and red, which we got full view of during this last season. But that curly golden figure at the center of her vest is giving me major dragon vibes. Plus purple and gold featured a lot on the show, as those are the colors of royalty and wealth. The vintage, old-timey buttons also remind me of some of the costumes on the show. (I don't have an ID yet, but will update if I see one.) AND Miley's hair is still Hannah Montana blonde, so she's even got that going on! Dany never had bangs, of course, although wouldn't that have been an interesting look: Mother of Dragons turned hipster. The point is, now all I can think of is that Miley Cyrus is missing GoT just like me.

        Here's Miley's vest:

        Eyewear, Cool, Fashion, Sunglasses, Street fashion, Vision care, Fashion design, Glasses, Outerwear, Event,
        Miley CyrusInstagram
        Eyewear, Sunglasses, Glasses, Fashion, Cool, Vision care, Fashion design, Outerwear, Street fashion, Blazer,
        Miley CyrusInstagram
        Clothing, Yellow, Fashion, Blazer, Outerwear, Formal wear, Event, Flower, Trousers, Jeans,
        Miley CyrusInstagram

        Oh and here's the back, in case you're curious:

        London Celebrity Sightings -  May 28, 2019
        Ricky VigilGetty Images

        Doesn't that look like a dragon and a house sigil?? Or have I gone Game of Thrones crazy? (Possibly both.)

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