Meghan Markle's Father Thomas Just Spoke Out About That Lifetime Movie and He's Not Happy

He feels "personally attacked."

  • Thomas Markle is reportedly not happy with Lifetime's newest movie about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.
  • Harry & Meghan: Becoming Royal follows Meghan and Harry's journey from engagement to wedding and through the first year of their marriage.

    Thomas Markle just responded to Lifetime's newest Meghan Markle and Prince Harry movie, and let's just say he's not pleased with how they portrayed him.

    The movie shows a (fictional) Meghan and Harry struggle to plan their royal wedding, and one scene in particular recreates a phone call with Meghan and her father where he tells her he won't be able to come to her wedding.

    The fictional Thomas says he had "heart palpitations" instead of a heart attack, and Meghan calls him out for the fact that she had to hear it through the tabloids. Then, fake Harry says he shouldn't have been talking/dealing with the paparazzi in the first place. This leads Meghan to realize she's going to have to walk down the aisle alone in front of 2 billion people, which is majorly terrifying. You can watch the scene above.

    Thomas spoke with TMZ and said, according to the outlet, that "he's incredibly disappointed" in how the Lifetime movie portrayed the situation, and he feels "personally attacked" by the network.

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    But wait, there's more! Apparently, Thomas says he never "bailed" on Meghan and Harry's wedding like the movie makes it seem. He insists that he couldn't possibly attend the ceremony and walk Meghan down the aisle because of his heart surgery.

    Basically, he thinks the movie is littered with lots of "dumb fiction," which is 100 percent accurate considering they are actors, this is a scripted movie, and it's only based on real-life events.

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