Ariana Grande Scrapped Her Ponytail For Waist-Length Hair Extensions

It's a heart-stoppingly gorgeous look, but is it staying?

Ariana Grande's ponytail is so iconic that Tyra Banks literally uses it in the class she teaches as an example of a powerful visual cue. Which means, naturally, that every time Ariana changes up her classic look, the fans (myself included) freak the eff out. Well, she's done it again, actually performing onstage with her looooooong extensions down past her waist instead of worn up as usual. I love it so much I can barely stand it—and she might be the only person who can pull off that crazy-long hair look, except for maybe a Kardashian. The fact that she is insanely petite makes the look all the more impressive, in my opinion. 

Originally, Ariana shared pics and video of her performing on her Instagram Stories, and fans took video of her concert to alert the masses as to this epic, world-altering news. Ariana later put the pics on her Instagram, so I really hope this is a semi-permanent change for the singer (although, again, I highly doubt the ponytail is gone for good, considering how connected it is to her brand).

Here are the pics. Blueberries, yum!

Love the Wicked reference, also now I have "Defying Gravity" stuck in my head:

And fans were utterly delighted (SAME):

I looooove the new look, Ariana, so give me a few more days before you put it back up??

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Katherine J. Igoe
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