Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Bicker Adorably On Stage, Remain Couple Goals

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    • Chrissy said she was just so tired of being called Couple Goals, and yet totally proved she's couple goals with John, as the two play-fought and cuddled.

        Yesterday at Cannes, Twitter CMO Leslie Berland hosted a chat with Chrissy Teigen that went "Behind the Tweets"—and the model and social media star was joined by none other than her husband, singer John Legend. The two snuggled up onstage as they answered questions together, but the very best part? Apparently they'd been fighting all day, and they continued to playfully bicker throughout the talk.

        Saying “everything is annoying,” Chrissy elaborated, “He’s in trouble today, too. We’ve been fighting all day,” She added, “You know those days...where every little thing annoys you? He keeps stepping on my feet. We keep having the same fight over and over again where he doesn’t listen to something I said weeks ago and he pretends I never said it."

        As they brought John on, Chrissy joked, "Oh, now we have to pretend to be happy...I hate him today," then gave a sarcastic, "Hi, baby." And she brought it back later, saying that they'd get into a fight about another subject they were discussing. Apparently she's tired of hearing how much she and John are #CoupleGoals (I'm definitely guilty of this) and said she was glad everyone could see them fighting. “She still loves me,” responded John. (And he was right, because he gave her a kiss—oh and they spent the whole event cuddling, you know, so there's that.)

        I realize I'm perpetuating the problem, here, but Chrissy and John are so cute and honest about their disagreements. They've also spoken candidly in the past about their biggest fight, which was at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding in front of all their guests—the least perfect time to get into a huge blowout. Chrissy explained that it was "the biggest fight you’ve ever seen in your whole life," lol.

        You can still watch yesterday's livestream here—and it's worth it to see their adorable dynamic even when they fight:

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        They. Are. Adorable. I am not nearly as cute when I bicker with my husband.

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