Did Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Just Arrive in Paris for Their Upcoming Wedding Celebrations?

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    • This maaay be a sign that they're gearing up for their huge summer wedding, but no one's saying officially.

        Oh my God, is it actually happening?? The Daily Mail is reporting that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have quietly checked into a Paris hotel—Paris being the reported location for their big summer wedding. We knew it was happening in June, but it wasn't official what the exact date might be. Please, please let there be photos. Just imagine how stunning Sophie is going to look as a bride, and how goofy-adorable her BFF and co-maid of honor Maisie Williams is going to look right next to her.

        The day before, the couple was spotted taking a leisurely boat ride in Amsterdam, complete with wine (natch), so it seems like a leisurely, relaxing trip—maybe culminating in a big, huge, over-the-top ceremony. If this is the weekend, or at least the rough timeframe, of their wedding-related festivities, taking a couple's trip the week before sounds like a lovely idea.

        As you may remember, Joe and Sophie got legally married in Las Vegas in May—something they apparently planned but didn't tell guests about beforehand—and it was so, so them. An Elvis impersonator, ring pops, a white jumpsuit that would make me look ridiculous but makes Sophie look effortlessly chic and perfect.

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        Which is why I am so, so excited for this blowout party, because Joe and Sophie put their personality into everything they do. Like, I want to know what a fabulous, quirky party of theirs will look like—Joe's already told us there's going to be fun games. "We’re going to have a flag rugby game at the wedding, and a flag football game. So if all the groomsmen show up with black eyes and broken arms, I’ll be very proud." Yes, yes, but the most important question: Will the Jonas Brothers be performing?!

        Of course, no one's saying anything officially about whether this is the big moment. Maisie Williams posted on her Instagram story about being in the Seychelles, which is confusing, but it's just a plane ride or two away, so maybe she's taking a pit stop? I dunno. I'm keeping my eyes peeled, regardless.

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